We proudly endorse rashelle Hobbs

Mayor Jeff Silvestrini

“Rachelle has done a fantastic job adopting technology to modernize the recorder’s office, including consumer-friendly measures as “Property Watch” which alerts property owners of suspicious activity affecting their most valuable asset.”

Congressman Ben McAdams

"Rashelle Hobbs is a dedicated public servant committed to serving the constituents of Salt Lake County. Her focus on increased accuracy, efficiency and improved customer service helps ensure property records are safe and secure and residents receive a high-value service. I hope you’ll join me on Nov. 3 in voting to re-elect Rashelle Hobbs as Salt Lake County’s Recorder."

slco Sheriff Rosie Rivera

“I’m supporting Rachelle Hobbs for Salt Lake County Recorder because she has worked hard to bring transparency and accountability back to the Recorders office. She is the best candidate to lead us into the future!”

Kearns Mayor Kelly Bush

“Here’s something you might not know, Kearns has the highest rate of homeownership in the state. So, making sure our property records are protected matters a lot to us-it secures our futures. That’s why I’m voting for Rashelle Hobbs for County Recorder Rashelle created Property Watch, a free service that alerts property owners to any changes in their records and helps protect us from costly errors and fraud. It’s an idea born from conversations Rashelle had right here in Kearns while visiting our senior center. Rashelle listened to our concerns and responded to our needs. That’s leadership that cares about you. Please join me in re-electing Rashelle Hobbs as Salt Lake County Recorder"

SLCo Council Ann Granato

"I am so proud to endorse my great friend Rashelle Hobbs for County Recorder! Rashelle has done a fantastic job as the Salt Lake County Recorder. An office that was once plagued with scandal is now one of the County’s best performing offices. This is a direct result of Rashelle’s hands-on leadership. She has brought accountability, integrity, transparency, and a new standard of service to the Recorder’s office. The high number of citizens that reach out to praise her work continually amazes me. Early this year when Covid was still an unknown I saw Rashelle’s leadership first hand. Her office quickly went to work, mapping out operational solutions for a number of possible scenarios. As a result of this forward thinking leadership the Recorder’s office was not only able to stay open without service disruption during the pandemic, but they were also able to accommodate a 40% increase in business. Through the use of innovative work processes Rashelle’s team has been able to protect the health of both customers and employees while also providing critical services that support our local economy. A common topic of conversation among County leadership has been the amazing performance of the Recorder’s office during these trying times. That is a direct reflection of who Rashelle is as a person. She is one of the most dedicated, thoughtful, and professional leaders I have worked with. The Recorder’s office is in amazing hands and I would urge you all to re-elect Rashelle Hobbs as your Salt Lake County Recorder. "

Tooele County Recorder Jerry Houghton

"Rashelle Hobbs has led out on taking the Salt Lake County Recorder’s Office to people with her outreach program with the Senior Centers. She is combating fraud with the development of Property Watch. She has her eye on the future with the implementation of new systems to upgrade the current property record access structure. Rashelle sets the pace for other County Recorders to follow. Please join me in supporting great leadership by voting to re-elect Rashelle Hobbs for Salt Lake County Recorder."

Representative Carol Spackman Moss

“Listening is the sign of great leadership. And as your Salt Lake County Recorder for the past two years, Rashelle Hobbs has done a lot of listening. Rashelle took over the office after years of turmoil and poor management. Through conversations with property owners—particularly our County’s seniors—she’s transformed the Recorder’s office, setting new standards for efficiency and responsive customer service. In doing so, she’s raised the bar when it comes to protecting our property records and preventing fraud. That’s what good listening can do. Please join me in supporting great leadership by voting to re-elect Rashelle Hobbs for Salt Lake County Recorder.”

Senator Karen Mayne

“Rashelle is a problem solver. When I discussed concerns my constituents had, we went right to work and developed Property Watch. Much is accomplished when elected officials from different levels of government work together to serve the public.”

Holladay Mayor Rob Dahle

"In every community, good governance is about trust. We want to know that we can trust our elected leaders are working on our behalf with our best interests in mind. That’s what Salt Lake County Recorder Rashelle Hobbs is all about. As Recorder, Rashelle puts your needs first. She’s raised the standards for accuracy and efficiency, so that your property records are safe, secure and protected from fraud. She’s improved customer service and every day, strives to treat everyone like family. She does it because she knows that the security of our property records protects the futures of Salt Lake County families — including her own. She does it because she cares. So in November, please vote to re-elect Rashelle Hobbs as Salt Lake County Recorder. You can trust that she has your bests interests at heart."

Utah's County Recorders

"Working with Rashelle has been a privilege for me. She executes the duties of her office with class, honesty & integrity. Her commitment to her county and her office along with her “everyone wins when we do” attitude had earned her the respect of her fellow Recorders."

Councilman Arlyn Bradshaw

"Rashelle's experience in public service allowed her to hit the ground running and lead the Recorder's office to new heights in two short years. Her commitment to community outreach and listening to the public led directly to innovative new programs and services that protect our property records. I'm proud to endorse Rashelle Hobbs and her proven experience and leadership that works for the public."

Representative Patrice Arent

"I am honored to endorse Rashelle Hobbs for re-election as our Salt Lake County Recorder. Her 17 years of public service, leadership, and hard work clearly makes her the best choice for this office. Rashelle's number one priority is to protect the title to our homes. Her innovative and free Property Watch program helps home owners throughout our county. And even during the pandemic, she has kept her office open safely with no interruption in service. I strongly encourage you to vote for Rashelle!"

Magna Mayor Dan Peay

“Rashelle Hobbs has done a wonderful job as the Salt Lake County Recorder. Her office is transparent, accessible, efficient, and dedicated to providing excellent customer service. That commitment to great public service shows in the extraordinary efforts she has made to increase protections for homeowners and their property. That’s true leadership and why I urge you to re-elect Rashelle Hobbs as your County Recorder!”

Fred and Jill Healey

"As life long Republican’s we have no hesitation in endorsing the more qualified, experienced leader Rashelle Hobbs. She is currently serving as the Salt Lake County Recorder and is running in the upcoming election again for the office of Salt Lake County Recorder. We have known Rashelle since the time of her birth, being friends with her mother and father, Ron and Connie Diehl. Rashelle has always been one outstanding young woman, succeeding at everything she has tried. She learned at the feet of her Mother about serving others through government employment. She has set a standard of service in her role as the Salt Lake County Recorder where she has been working. When the worldwide pandemic hit, many government and private companies have closed their doors to the public and meet people’s needs electronically. Rashelle recognized that realtors and builders and others needed access to the Recorder's office and by installing safety protocols she has kept the doors of the County Recorder. She has also championed the “Property Watch” program which lets current owners know if someone attempts to change the property rights that they own. Serving those in need is a hallmark of Rashelle’s own standard she has employed in her government work. When you fill out your ballot this coming month, you will obviously pay attention to who is running for President or Governor, but you will also have the opportunity to choose from the names of those individuals who are running for other government positions which sometimes receive less attention. The work of these government servants just might affect your daily life even more. One of the positions you will choose is for Salt Lake County Recorder. Jill and I have chosen Rashelle Hobbs as our candidate of choice and we urge you to put your vote next to her name too! Thank you so much"

Sandy Councilwoman Cyndi Sharkey

"I value the experience, judgement, and accomplishments Rashelle Hobbs has brought to the Salt Lake County Recorder's office over the past two years. I appreciate the partnership she brings to Sandy City and my city-wide constituents. She has barely scratched the surface bringing leadership, accessibility, and innovation to the office. I encourage voters to join me in re-electing Rashelle Hobbs to another, full term as County Recorder to continue the cost savings and consumer-oriented approach she's applied to the office so far."

Weber County Recorder Leann Kilts

"Rashelle Hobbs, your Salt Lake County Recorder has made protecting your property record a top priority. She developed a new free service called Property Watch which notifies you when anything is recorded on your home. Rashelle has 17 years of public service experience, the leadership which protects the title of your property with Property Watch while keeping this office open safely during a pandemic with no interruption in service. I value Rashelle’s proven leadership experience, and her many accomplishments since taking office in January 2019. I encourage Salt Lake County voters to re-elect Rashelle Hobbs as your Salt Lake County Recorder."

Murray Councilman Dale Cox

"As a member of the Murray City Council and a longtime leader in Utah’s Labor community I have worked with elected officials all over the state. I know what true leadership and excellence in public service looks like. That is why I am proud to endorse Rashelle Hobbs for the office of Salt Lake County Recorder. During her first term Rashelle has created a culture of transparency in her office, implemented forward thinking programs to serve county residents, and shown a strong commitment to working with her partners in local government. Please help me in re-electing Rashelle Hobbs as our County Recorder."

Unitah County Recorder Brenda McDonald

"I am endorsing Rashelle Hobbs for Salt Lake County Recorder. Rashelle has been a great leader creating a Property Watch program. She is an active member of the Utah Association of County Recorders and helped with working on Legislation issues, a member of the PRIA (Property Records Industry Association) Local Utah Chapter. Rashelle has been active in keeping the focus on the property owners and serving them to the best of her ability. I would urge you to re-elect Rashelle Hobbs as the Salt Lake County Recorder."