Your Recorder

Hello Salt Lake County! My name is Rashelle Hobbs and I am honored to be your County Recorder.
Working for the people of Salt Lake County is a great privilege. Every day, I see how the home builders and others get the property information they need so they can move forward with their plans for their lives.
Protecting the property rights of property owners is an essential government function. In the Recorder’s Office every recording and transaction matters and we strive to treat each customer with the same care we would give to our own parents. That’s why I’ve set new standards for accuracy, consistency, and productivity to ensure that we get even the smallest of details right.
Our home may be the most important purchase any of us make. In normal times it is a place of refuge; a place we share time with family and build our dreams. In this most challenging of years, it’s also become our offices, schoolrooms and a place of safety. For my family, our home has provided steady comfort in a time of unknowns.
The work at the Recorder’s Office has continued through the challenges of the community health crisis brought about by the pandemic while protecting the public, our team and their families. The experience has served to strengthen my commitment to the work we do for you.
I came to the Recorder’s Office at a time when it was suffering from a lack of public trust. Guided by the principles of transparency and accountability, I have worked to earn your confidence by providing a level of service and professionalism that exceeds expectations and protects your interests with integrity.
I believe in honest and open communications with the public and industries the Recorder’s Office serves and I’ve looked for ways to innovate and improve what we do and how we do it, so that your needs are met in the most uncomplicated and efficient way.
We’ve made great strides over the past two years, but there is more to be done. I believe I have the vision, experience, and commitment to lead the Recorder’s Office into the future and would be honored to earn your vote.

updates to the recorder's office

Community Outreach

We attended all 16 senior centers providing free copies of complete property records to hundreds of people. We have zoomed in to 9 city/community council meetings (with 10 more scheduled) requesting their support to get the word out to their residents. As a result of these efforts over 7,800 people have signed up for this free service.


Even with challenges brought on by the pandemic the Recorder’s office continues to process record levels of transactions both efficiently and effectively while maintaining a safe workspace.

Who is Rashelle?

Born and raised in Salt Lake County, Rashelle and her three brothers were raised by hardworking parents who stressed the value of hard work and the importance of getting an education. She is a product of Cottonwood High School, holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Utah and earned a master’s degree from Westminster College. Rashelle has been married to Lance Hobbs, a chemical engineer, for more than 15 years, and they have two children, Landon, 10 and Bekah, 6 both attend their neighborhood school.

Rashelle’s roots in public service run deep. Her grandfather, George W. Diehl, was the Mayor of Tooele from 1983 to 1994 and Rashelle spent much of her childhood on street corners waiving campaign signs. It was Diehl who taught Rashelle about the rewards of public service and working to improve her community. She took that to heart when she took her first job with the Salt Lake County Clerk’s Office, Election Division as a seasonal worker. Over the years, Rashelle worked her way up through the ranks growing her responsibilities and acumen with each new position. In 2016 she was named the Clerk’s Chief Deputy, supervising a staff of more than 40 until she was elected to serve as the County Recorder in 2018. Rashelle says she continues to be guided by her grandfather’s wisdom as she serves Salt Lake County.

Rashelle has the educational, administrative and managerial background to lead the Recorder’s Office operations and staff. Rashelle leads from the front and would never ask someone to do something she is not willing to do herself. She’s a trained communicator, is adept at managing a budget and has led her staff in adopting accountability standards for the Recorder’s Office increasing productivity, to raise the quality of services. Rashelle also knows how Salt Lake County government works. Her years of experience, hard work and the strong relationships she has cultivated with key players in Salt Lake County are invaluable to the Recorder’s Office. She knows how to get things done! Rashelle also serves on the board of the Utah Association of Counties, a role that has expanded her relationships with elected officials statewide. She is fast becoming a leader among the ranks of county recorders.

Despite the challenges of the novel coronavirus, Rashelle led the Recorder’s Office in creating a new user-friendly website and began implementation of a more efficient cashiering and recording system.

She also developed and launched “Property Watch” a service that tracks recorded changes like liens or property deeds and then alerts property owners to the information by email. Free to the public, Property Watch helps thwart title fraud and protects property records. Since the service became available in April, more than 7,000 people have subscribed to this valuable service.

Rashelle’s vision for Property Watch grew out of her outreach visits to each of Salt Lake County’s 16 senior centers. In each location, the Recorder’s Office staff helped seniors access their complete property records and educated them on the office services and filing processes. Through conversations and listening, she realized that many seniors didn’t know about important information on their property record.

Property Watch keeps them informed in a simple, straightforward way. Users know when credible information about transactions filed on their property comes to them directly from the Recorder’s Office and helps them avoid predatory solicitations.

As Rashelle has worked to innovate and improve the Recorder’s Office, she’s stayed mindful of costs and looked for efficiencies. Property Watch, for example was designed and built in-house at no additional expense, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars that might have gone to an outside vendor. The Recorder’s Office $6.1 million budget is funded entirely by user fees — not your taxes. With business up by nearly 50 percent the Recorder’s Office is on track to earn more than $13 million over this 2020 year and will return $7 million dollars to Salt Lake County’s General Fund, decreasing the need for property taxes

When COVID-19 was barely being discussed, Rashelle and the management team held a meeting to whiteboard the Recorder’s Office continuity of service and operation plan. When COVID got to Salt Lake County, the Recorders Office was ready and implemented phase 1 of the plan which had the majority of employees working from home, a skeleton crew on site at the county government center to serve the public by appointment were implemented to protect the public and employees and their families. During this pandemic no services were interrupted and in some cases productivity actually increased. Rashelle’s concerns for the safety and well-being of the public and the staff has earned her many accolades, and it’s clear that her focus is on public service and the importance of the crucial work the Recorder’s Office does every day all day for Salt Lake County.